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"Kay's work has a profound effect on the soul. She captures those moments in life where time stands still and we are completely present. Her ability to interpret nature as art is a true and great talent. I bought a piece of her work for myself and my Mother fell in love so I gifted it to her for her Birthday. I've ordered another one for myself but I have a feeling this one will become a coveted gift once it's on view." - Todd Nickey, Nickey Kohoe Shop and Design Studio

"Kay’s photography is stunningly beautiful. I purchased four pieces of her photography, which are a series of water lilies that Kay photographed at the Huntington Gardens. Kay has turned the photographs into masterpieces by using some techniques that make the images look almost like paintings. The images are printed on metal, which makes the colors incredibly vibrant. The images are hung along a wall in my salon, which we now affectionately call the “water lily wall.” Customers of the salon often comment on the beauty of the images, which, of course, makes me very happy.” - Susan Bell, Mark Taylor Salon

 “I am incredibly impressed and thrilled with Kay Kochenderfer’s photography. I have purchased two of Kay’s photographs that are now hanging in my office. For the first, “Leopard on the Lookout,” Kay has done an amazing job of capturing a rare shot of a leopard in Botswana up in a tree with no leaves against a beautiful blue sky, providing a pristine full view of the entire leopard. The photograph is printed on metal, giving it a clean, vibrant, modern look. The second photograph, “Lake Powell,” is also hanging on my office wall and is printed on metal. This photograph has special meaning to me because I have spent time during 14 consecutive years with family and friends at Lake Powell and this captures the joy I feel when I am there. Kay has done a spectacular job of capturing the beauty of the lake. The water in the photograph is a gorgeous, stunning blue.” -- Greg Satz, Principal, Avitas Wealth Management

"I am a huge fan of Kay Kochenderfer’s brilliant photography. Her unique eye and painstaking craftsmanship combine to create truly one of a kind images. After purchasing one of her books, I became drawn to her greeting cards which are perfect for any occasion and I always have some available for quick notes or personal letters. She has created a visual and fantastic world which allows us to see the beauty which is all around us." - Greg Holcomb, Partner, Estates Director, Pacific Union International

“I have one of Kay's pictures in my office. It is very bright and cheerful. Patients often remark how beautiful it is and I feel that it adds something really special to the atmosphere.” Dr. Lara Edinger, DO

"The cards Kay Kochenderfer creates pairs her incredible photography with appropriate famous quotes. I love her cards! Whether to provide inspiration, hope or a friendly hello, those on the receiving end up framing Kay’s cards!" - Candice Rosen, Candice Rosen Health Counseling

"I had the privilege of being Kay’s colleague for more than 15 years. I was drawn to this picture [‘Room With A View’ taken in Provence, France] because it reminds me of a room with a view. Kay told me that she and Frank stayed at this hotel, and it’s now on my bucket list to visit. Thank you Kay for the wonderful piece of art that now decorates my new home." - Christoper Chorba, Partner, Gibson Dunn

"Your magnificent book was waiting for me when we got home last night. I love love love the photographs and the quotes, and how they go together, you have been quite the "busy bee" and I hope your sorrow has found a good place to rest for now. Kay, I would adore to give this book to people who I know would appreciate it. I have a dear friend, Michele, who's mom passed away last year, I showed her the book after our walk this morning, and she cried, (To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.) so I gave your book to her. Can I please BUY 10 (Michele wants four more), no questions, I know it costs to reproduce them." - Hilary Satz

"I just finished your beautiful book. Your photography is stunning -- you have a real gift." - Elizabeth Gibson, Managing Counsel, Toyota Motor Sales 

"I just saw your two books this morning.  Wow!  They are both beautiful.  Thank you very much for sending them – you know how much I enjoyed the first one, and these two are equally lovely.  You have a great eye for taking photographs.  I really love the ones (particularly the detail and vibrant colors) of the birds, the butterflies and the various flowers.  Also, your book on the Pasadena Symphony is fantastic – I can certainly see why they want to use it in their marketing campaigns!" - Susan Marcella, Partner, Gibson Dunn

"OMG! Your creation is absolutely wonderful! Thank you! This is a wonderful marketing tool in addition to telling the story of who we are. I will want a few of these!" - Robert Michero, Vice President of Finance, Board of the Pasadena Symphony

"Mom, Dad, and I were admiring your photography today and the books that you assembled.... We all agreed how truly talented you are and enjoyed your work!!" - Michael Boytim, CRNA at Kaiser Permanente

"Kay, OMG is the first thing I can say after reading your BOOK.  You have SUCH TALENT and an AMAZING EYE…. Nature is truly incredible and you have a way of capturing so much of it. . ." - Barbara Levy

"Kay, I just got your book.  Wow, it is absolutely amazing.  I am so impressed, and inspired (and, yes, a bit jealous).  Thank you so much –  if this doesn’t get me going on my photos, nothing will." - Ginger Bauer, Assistant General Counsel, Toyota Motor Sales

"Kay your book is sensational!!!!  Inspiring, insightful & comforting  thoughts-------throughout the spectacular pictures.   We will  display it proudly." - Li New

"Thank you so much for the wonderful book " Joyful Visions" . It really made my day much brighter." - Geng Passaro

"Thanks ever so much for that gorgeous book of photographs and quotations.I'm having a dinner party on Sunday for the CSUN piano faculty, and it will be on the table as one of the center pieces.  Then, after will take its place with the book I pressured you into giving me from your trip to Africa on one of my living room end tables.  Fabulous.  You really captured some incredible scenes...and chose wonderful images to pair them with.  This creativity is certainly all traced back to your music studies!!!!!" - Edward Francis, Founder of the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic

"I received the book and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for sending me a copy! I love all of the pictures you took of the quartet and the close-up shots of the instruments, so any of them that you would like to send by email would be great. We love playing house concerts and getting to connect with our audience, and I think when we show people your book, it will help us to get more people excited about having live music in their homes." - Carrie Kennedy, violinist with the Pasadena Symphony and Fiato Quartet

"WHAT CAN WE SAY!!! The memories will live on for ever within the pages of your creative  handcrafted  masterpiece. With deep appreciation of your thoughtfulness." - L. New and B. Etess

"I wanted to thank you for sending the beautiful book on the Pasadena Symphony.  I cannot believe you made that!  It looks so professional – how did you ever have time?" - Kim Udovic, Managing Counsel, Toyota Motor Sales

"I brought my copy of the Power of Music to the Women's Committee Board meeting today and everyone was so impressed. Several asked for information on how to order which I shared." - Sue Shieff, Past President of the Women's Committee of the Pasadena Symphony

"I am in awe of your books.  They are all truly beautiful." - Leslie Ripley, Chief Recruiting Officer, Gibson Dunn


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