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Exhibition at Husar Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills CAExhibition at Husar Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills CAAfrican SerenitySailboats in the Sarasota Bay, FloridaBeach Longboat Key, FLWater Music Series: I'sle de JoyeuseLake Matheson in New ZealandZebra PortraitStormy Clouds Over Lake LouiseMatai Falls in New ZealandWater Music Series: Searching the HorizonWater Music Series: Magic FluteAthabasca Falls in Jasper Canada - version 1Zebra Quartet in LavenderLeopard On The LookoutGiraffe Strolling Through Field of SunflowersLora Unger, CEO Pasadena Symphony & POPSClassical Music PianistCassandra Petersen, Partners TrustSunwapta Falls in Canada