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I discovered a passion for photography a few years ago when my husband and I went on a safari and I discovered the magic of capturing images of the amazing animals through a telephoto lens. Since then, I have been fascinated with the concept of looking at the world in a different way through the lens of a camera. You often see things differently when you are hyper-focused on details you might not otherwise notice in everyday life. Through the lens, I see joy and feel a sense of zen. Thus, the title of my website "Zen Through The Lens." After almost three decades as an attorney in a high-powered, high stress litigation practice, I find great joy and relaxation in the practice of photography.  

You can see my several of my books at the following websites:  (1) Amazing Africa, at; (2) Kisses of Joy at; (3) Zen Through The Lens I: A Collection of Kay Kochenderfer Photography, also with inspirational photography and quotes featuring New Zealand at and 4) Zen Through the Lens II:  A Collection of Kay Kochenderfer Photography 2015 with inspirational photography and quotes featuring Colorado with fall colors at If you open the links to the books, you will be able to "preview," i.e, look at the entire content of the books online.  I hope you enjoy!